Getting to Know SARMs a Bit More

The acronym SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. A hormone called androgen serves as a ligand (any ion or molecule that binds to a central atom) that attach to the androgen receptors.

It is possible for a certain drug to offer favorable results to a specific tissue if that drug would be able to stimulate or block a particular tissue’s receptor. It can do that while minimizing the unfavorable effects that synthetic or natural steroidal hormones might bring to the other tissues. This is good news for steroid users, especially if pharmaceutical companies will be able to develop such drug for human consumption.

Selective AR (androgen receptor) modulators can also give the same benefits that anabolic androgenic steroids (like testosterone) usually offer including fat reduction and increased muscle mass. SARMs offer the said benefits together with a lesser possibility of producing the unfavorable side effects that typically come with steroids.

There are pharmaceutical companies that are currently studying and investigating the said compound. These companies hope that they will be able to develop something that can bring safe and beneficial effects to humans.

The Reason for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators’ Existence

Typically, doctors prescribe steroids for patients who need to undergo hormone replacement therapy. Steroid is also prescribed to patients suffering from cancer, osteoporosis, or other diseases that can lead to muscle wasting.

Although testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids can bring great help, it is a known fact that they also give undesirable side effects.

This dilemma has stirred the desire and inspired the scientists to find something that will be able to give the same benefits as the steroids without causing unfavorable side effects. What comes next is nonstop research which eventually created an opportunity for sarms to be discovered.

The said receptor modulators can make muscle growth possible in the target area and eliminate or reduce unfavorable side effects.

The discovery of selective AR modulators gave a new hope that it will be able to serve as a safer alternative to steroids. But before that, the pharmaceutical companies must be able to make the said receptor safe for human consumption.

A number of pharmaceutical companies are still exploring, evaluating, and testing possible AR modulators because there are several possible receptor modulators out there. Most bodybuilders, athletes, or fitness enthusiasts are interested in MK-2866 (ostarine) and andarine (popularly known as S-4).

Bodybuilders and athletes are also interested in other AR modulators, but the most popular are the mentioned two.

The Benefits

sarmsAnabolic steroids or hormone replacement could have been the perfect solution if not for the unwanted side effects. The unfavorable side effects include cholesterol imbalance, acne, hypertension, body hair growth, liver toxicity, and heart enlargement (left ventricular hypertrophy). Some men may also experience baldness, possible simulation of prostate cancer, gynecomastia (man breast), and testosterone production shutdown.

The selective androgen receptor modulators can provide the benefits that the users get from steroids while minimizing the occurrence of the unfavorable side effects of anabolic steroids or hormone replacement. The said selective AR modulators can be taken orally. Steroid users appreciate the idea that they no longer need to go through the inconvenience of taking the shots if a drug that contains selective AR modulators is already available.

Other advantages of selective androgen receptor modulators over steroids or testosterone replacement therapy are: similar benefits of testosterone, no conversion to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone, and absence of harsh liver toxicity which usually comes from methylated compounds.

SARMs can give a lot of benefits and probably even more. For now, it is still considered one of the research chemicals that need to be explored further. Hopefully, pharmaceutical companies will be able to make it safe for human consumption.

SEO Services Didn’t Get The Memo About The End of Search Engine Optimization

Right now someone is publishing content that is related to search engine optimization. They are not going to mention a positive outcome, instead, they are going to focus on the fact that it’s a dying element overall. That’s right, you’re going to find that there is a lot of publicity that is going to this notion that the end of optimization is starting right now, or has already died in the past. There’s no end to the people that are going to try to convince you of this, and throughout the internet there are people that claim everything is dead. This view point is sad, and while some believe it, many SEO services just aren’t ready to throw in the towel on what they are doing. If you want to throw in the towel, you could, but you will find that the competition that you have in your niche won’t be so quick to do this.

SEO services today are in charge of working withSEO a lot of clients and creating influence within search engines that would normally not get a lot of attention. If you’re working with a professional right now, than you know how important this is for the future of your overall market share. If you play your cards right, you will definitely see a brighter future, but if you don’t work on this within the correct parameters, you will not make it overall. It’s imperative that you work out the right pieces, and you fully understand that the end is not near, although the publishing of the same content over and over again is.

Remembering The End of The World (Mayan Edition)

Remember 2012, more importantly the end that was publicized by everyone that was convinced that the end was going to happen. There was so much conjecture about this, and those scholars that definitely knew something was going to happen, were wrong too. This is something that happens with SEO all the time. You’ll find that someone will post something along the lines of the end of link building, for instance, and many proper websites will link to it. Some will even say that it’s the best thing to read today and will definitely recommend that you stop linking and building any sort of internet marketing collateral.

The truth of the matter is simple, there is no end to the need of getting links pointed to your website. Remember that the end of the world did not happen like the Mayan calendar was supposed to predict, and that is something that is definitely illustrated through the constant push of media components saying that the end of search engine optimization is here.

Y2K Disasters

Remember when Y2K was going to kill off all the computers and things were really going to go down hill? That’s all gone now and you will not see that this is any sort of revolution. You laugh now, but the same thing is going on with internet marketing as many people are ramping up for the death of the IP address, the death of Cat-5, the death of wireless internet, the internet of things, and so many other things that are just going to come in and take over the lives of anyone that wants to work within technology.

Much like Y2K was nothing more than a bad dream, SEO services have to deal with the constant stream of ideas that are founded in pure speculation. This is not going to go away and as long as search engines continue to publish their algorithm changes and tell people to watch out for another update, people are going to publish content that is in the direct light of Y2K and other disasters as well.

What Is Really Going On?

Truth be told, search engine marketing and internet optimization as a whole are chaotic. There is a chaos to everything that doesn’t have rhyme or reason. You will find that today the search results will list your page at number one, and you will have full authority within your niche but at the end of the day, you will find that you have nothing to show for it.

There may be an algorithm shift that strikes your site down, and when you were at #1 earlier, you didn’t realize that this was going to happen. However, when you are deleted from the top spot and you are no longer indexed nearly as fast, you will find that your site will get pushed in the wrong direction. When you see your site plummeting from the loss of traffic, you will wonder what is going on.

What is really going on is simple, search engine providers are tightening up the way that they list sites. If you’re not relevant to certain keywords, if yon don’t have a good bounce rate, if you’re buying links, or you’re doing anything that their algorithm deems is wrong, you will get penalized. The penalty system within the world of marketing is something that brings up a lot of conjecture, but one thing is for sure, it can derail your whole site’s influence online. In order to fight back, you will need to hire a professional marketing agency for example visit site, to help you build the right protocol in terms of SEO and beyond.

How Intraocular Hypertension Is Treated by Your Eye Doctor

If you are forty years or older, you should talk with your Spanish Fort eye doctor about intraocular hypertension. This is a condition in which the pressure in your eye is higher than the normal levels of 10 to 21 mm Hg without vision loss or optic nerve damage. If this condition is left untreated, it can result in increased risk for developing glaucoma. It has been estimated that some three to six million Americans, including as much as 10% of the population above 40, have intraocular pressures of 21 mm Hg or higher, without demonstrating any damage related to glaucoma.

eye doctorA study of people with intraocular hypertension revealed that they have an estimated average risk of 10% of developing glaucoma over the next five years. However, the risk may be halved if the pressure is reduced through laser surgery or medication. And the risk may be lowered even further as more advanced techniques are introduced for detecting glaucomatous damage.

Since people who have intraocular hypertension don’t typically demonstrate any symptoms, getting regular screening from your Spanish Fort eye doctor is vital to screen for the condition, particularly if you have the following risk factors:

  • Aged fifty and above
  • Of African-American descent
  • With a family history of glaucoma
  • Are nearsighted since those who have thin corneas are at higher risk for developing glaucoma

How often should you be tested?

  • Those who are below 40 and demonstrate no symptoms should be screened every three to five years.
  • Those with risk factors should be screened on a more frequent basis depending on the recommendations of their eye doctor.
  • Those with risk factors for glaucoma should be screened even more frequently.

How does the Spanish Fort eye doctor conduct testing for intraocular pressure? There are a number of tests that are conducted as part of a comprehensive eye exam.

  • A test for visual acuity using an eye chart. This will determine if your eyes have suffered any damage.
  • A slit lamp microscope is used to examine the front of your eye, including the cornea, lens, iris and anterior chamber.
  • Tonometry is used to determine the pressure of the eye using a variety of methods ranging from the use of a tonometer to an air puff noncontact test.
  • Examination of the optic nerve by dilating the eye to determine if there is any damage.
  • Gonioscopy is used to determine the drainage angle of your eye. This test is performed using a special contact lens and determines if the angles are open, closed or narrowed.
  • Visual field testing looks at your side or peripheral vision to determine if there has been any loss. This test is conducted once a year for those at low risk and as often as every two months for those with high risk factors.
  • Corneal thickness testing using an ultrasound probe to determine how accurate intraocular pressure readings are. Those with thin corneas may return falsely low readings while thicker corneas may give falsely high ones.

Your doctor may alternately prescribe medication to help lower the pressure. These are in the form of topical medicines that are applied directly to the surface of the eye.

When should you be treated by your Spanish Fort eye doctor? Some doctors may opt to start treatment if the pressure is above 21 mm Hg while others may treat only if there is evidence that optic nerve damage is occurring. However, most doctors will treat if monitoring shows that pressures are consistently in the 28 to 30 mm Hg range. In addition, you will likely start treatment if you begin to show symptoms such as blurred visions, haloes or pain, as well as if your intraocular pressure has increased recently and continues to increase on succeeding visits.

7 Interesting Types of Biker Patches

For serious motorcycle riders, biker patches are not just ornaments and decorations that makes their bike stand out from the rest. These patches tell stories. These patches can be badges of honor and they often symbolize association with important organizations.

Here are some of the types of biker patches:

1. Club Patch – This is the most popular type of biker patches. You can find this patch at the back of the rider’s vest. You can either see a set of two or three club patches on a motorcycle rider’s vest depending on the club they are associated with. These patches contain the club logo or symbol. The club patch also contains the chapter or city logo.

Motorcycle club patches are often a source of honor and pride. These patches are not bought, they are earned by the club members.

Biker Patches2. Charity Rides Patch – Charity motorcycle rides are popular these days. These charity rides generate money for a cause or a charitable institution. Motorcycle riders who participate in these charity events receive a commemorative patch. These patches are also a source of pride and honor since these patches are proof that the rider supported great causes and helped raise money for charitable organizations. Charity rides patches can be a great conversation piece and they give the ride bragging rights.

3. Travel Patches – Serious motorcycles often travel to several states and cities in their motorcycle. Travel patches are used by riders who had many epic motorcycle trips. These patches have different designs. Most travel patches showcase the places that the rider has visited. It is like some sort of souvenir. Travel badges can also be a symbol of honor because these patches are actually awarded to those who won the Iron Butt title.

4. Rally Patches –Rally patches are usually given to bikers who have participated in various motorcycle rallies in the United States. There are a number of motorcycle rallies that allows bike enthusiasts to socialize with each other. Here are some of the rallies that award patches to the participants:

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Black Bike Week
Daytona Beach Bike Week
Republic of Texas Rally
Oyster Run
Golden Aspen Rally

5. Flag Patches

Motorcycle riders often wear flag biker patchesto show how proud they are of their country. Flag patches are often worn by bikers to honor their country. American bikers also often wear their state flags.

6. Military Service Patches

Bikers who are active or past members of the military often wear military patches. Military patches are often sources of honor. War veterans are proud of their military service. There are different kinds and types of military service patches. Some patches represent the branch of service. Some military patches signify the missions that they have accomplished. Some patches signify achievement and rank. Here are some of the common types of military service patches:

Branch type patches
ACU rank insignia
Law enforcement officer patches
Military Decals
Rank insignia
USAF patches
US Army patches
1st Cavalry Division patch
Corps Deployment Patches
Division Deployment Patches
Corps Deployment Patches
Army Aviation Patches

7. Brand Patches

There are riders who are loyal to one brand like Harley Davidson or Ducati. Here are some of the famous brand patches:

Ducati Patch
Honda Goldwing Patch
Indian Fender Patch
Suzuki Patch
Yamaha Round Patch

Biker patches are not mere design pieces. Each patch symbolize achievement, camaraderie, association, and honor. These patches are also symbols of the bikers identity. A biker can be a war veteran, a motorcycle club rider, a casual biker, a working rider, or a brand rider. Each patch tells an interesting story about the bike and about the adventures of the rider.


Various Types of Logo Lanyards

It’s important to make sure that your logo lanyards reflect the group, company or even the event that you belong to. In choosing your lanyards, it’s not only important to think about the colors that will be used or the designs that will be placed in there. It’s also essential that you think about which kind of fabrics will be used, as well as the style of printing that would be done.

Fabrics Used

Your logo lanyards will look every bit as great and as professional as you want them to be if you are able to use fabrics that complement the design that you have in mind. Here are some of the best fabrics that you can try:

logo lanyards•Nylon. Dubbed as the highest quality of fabric, Nylon is sleek and sassy, at the same time. They’re super smooth so they’re nice to touch and they look good, and that’s why they are often used at meetings or trade shows. Your logos will be silkscreened on the lanyards if you choose nylon as your fabric.

•Polyester. If quality and affordability is what you have in mind, you should try polyester because it is a high-quality fabric that makes it easy for designs to be imprinted on it, especially when hot stamping or silk screening is done. It’s the same as printing images on tumblers, coffee cups, or T-shirts, so you can be sure that the results will be what you want and you would not be disappointed, too.

The Style

•Tubular. Tubular Logo Lanyards make use of polyester twill as the base and then the material is placed through a tube so that the fabric can be stitched in such a way that it would give an intricately designed lanyard that’s nice to look at and easy to wear. It’s also quite comfortable, too.

•Woven. Also using polyester lanyards, weaving the material gives it an old-school and vintage look that you surely will appreciate, especially if you are such an old soul. This way, it will look different from its contemporaries and people will certainly look your way once they see that you’re wearing a woven lanyard. It will look professional and clean—which is exactly what you need. However, it would be best to keep in mind that uncomplicated texts and graphics should be used for woven lanyards because the design might not be imprinted well if it’s too geometrical or complex.

•Dye-Sublimated. Now, if you want your logo to be on both sides of the lanyard, you should go for dye-sublimated ones because these use a process called “sublimation” in which the designs are printed onto the material. There’s no need to worry that the designs wouldn’t look as good as they are on paper. The designs will not only be on the surface of the material, it will be as if they are truly part of the material already. So, you would not have any hassle when it comes to thinking of how to iron it or wash it. However, you should keep in mind that if you want dye-sublimated lanyards, you need to order in batches as it’s not very easy to make—but the results would be so worth it.

Choose what you need

Don’t just choose lanyards without even thinking about their quality. After all, you are asking for logo lanyards to be made—so make sure that they’re of high quality.

Remember, good quality always comes from good research. So, choose the kind of fabric and style that would go with the logo lanyards you have in mind.

The Printed Circuit Board: What is it? Who invented it? What is it made from? What is it used for?

The printed circuit board is one of the greatest inventions in terms of technology. The common applications of PCB assembly are television sets, radio sets, cellular phones and gaming gadgets.

What is PCB assembly? What is it made from? A printed circuit board is the interconnection of electronic components attached on a non-conductive base. A printed circuit board has 2 basic parts, the thin leads and the substrate or base. The thin leads, electrically conductive, are commonly made of metal. The base or substrate is made of non-conductive materials. Some of the raw materials used to manufacture PCBs are laminates, copper foil, copper-clad laminates, and epoxy-coated glass fabric (known as prepregs).

PCB assemblyThere are 3 general types of boards: single-sided, double-sided and multilayered. The single-sided type has the leads or conductors attached on only one side of the board, while double-sided boards are types where conductors cross from one side to the opposite side of the substrate. Several layers of printed circuits make up the multilayered type.

PCB assembly is electrically done using different technologies. The two known methods are “surface-mount” and “through-hole” technologies. The first, the surface-mount technology, is a method where conductors are directly attached or soldered to the substrate. USB flash drives are an example of this technology. The older method, through-hole method, uses the method of leads passing through tiny holes on the base, and soldered to connect to the circuits pads on the other side of the substrate. One perfect example of this type is the personal computer.

Who are the people behind printed circuit boards? PCB changed in many ways and continually changes up to this time, and many inventors and innovators are involved. Some of them are Albert Hanson, Thomas Edison, Charles Ducas and Paul Eisler. The German inventor, Albert Hanson, invented his version of the PCB in 1903. He made use of flat conductive foil placed onto an insulated board, which formed several layers. Chemical method of plating conductors attached on linen paper was invented by Thomas Edison in 1904. Next is Charles Ducas who utilized inks, which are conductive of electrical charges, printed on stencils. This electroplating method of Ducas was invented in 1925. Paul Eisler of Austria invented the PCB for radio sets in 1936.

Eisler’s invention made it to the eyesight of the US Military during the Second World War. One of the greatest breakthroughs of PCB was during this war as it was used to detonate bombs, and used as proximity fuse. It gave way to the victory of the USA against Germany. The PCB concept became commercialized in mid 1950s. In 1961, Hazeltine Corporation patented their version of the printed circuit board. Hazeltine’s design is through-holed and multilayered. Compound designs came out, in which modern-day PCB originated. Integrated circuit chips were invented in the 1970s.

PCB assembly in general continually improved, and more uses of the PCBs were discovered. Combination of modern manufacturing techniques and printed circuit designs resulted in great changes.

What are the common applications of the PCB? Way back, the PCB was used by the military to ignite bombs. In the modern world, almost every electronic apparatus is made of the PCB. PCB is the foundation of communication devices, gaming gadgets, appliances, automobiles, and many others. It is also applicable in large industries with electronic and automatic controls, like in power plants, and factories.

Wrapping it all up, the printed circuit board started small and unnoticed, yet made it today. At present, this intricate invention makes day-to-day life less complicated in the office, at home, in school, in factories, and in every place you know.

Picking Golf Drivers the Right Way: 5 Factors to Remember

Experienced golfers know that picking golf drivers based on their appearance is not the best way to ensure a good performance. In fact, there is more than one golfer in the field today struggling with their game to a poorly-picked driver. It’s not that the driver was of poor condition per se, it was just that it was not right for the person. Here are a few things to think about when looking for a golf driver.


The right amount of loft in a driver will determine how well you will play in a game. Most golfers think that golf drivers with lower lofts will result in a longer distance covered. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. If you have a swing speed of over 100 mph and have the tendency to hit the ball in a long way, the best loft will be at 12 degrees or less as this reduces backspin. If your swing speed is at 90 mph and less, it is best to find a golf driver with a higher loft so as to keep the ball airborne for as long as possible.


golf driversAs of now, golf drivers have shafts either made in steel and graphite. Out of the two, graphite is the more expensive option but it is lighter in weight. This allows the golfer to transfer the full strength of their swing to the ball, making it fly as far as possible. As such, these drivers are ideal for beginners who are still building up on their swing speed. For experienced golfers, steel shafts are more ideal as the heavy weight allows for more control over the ball’s trajectory. If you have been playing for quite a while and can reach swing speeds of 100 mph and above, these drivers are considered best in optimizing your abilities.

Trajectory Rating

By definition, trajectory is the path that an object takes in flight depending on the amount of force inflicted on it and various factors found in the environment. For golf drivers, trajectory rating is dependent on the amount of loft they have and the center of gravity in the club head. Depending on the golf courses you tend to play in, it is best to pick a driver that has a clear trajectory of rating to clear a lot of obstacles like trees and sand traps.


For beginners, a driver with high forgiveness rating is quite important as this will improve their game considerably. After all, there is no telling how many obstacles they will get themselves into before they perfect the art of letting the ball fly through the air towards the intended target. To determine a driver’s forgiveness rating, take a look at the size of the club head. Larger club sizes tend to have higher forgiveness ratings as they allow for more control over the ball. Fortunately, manufacturers tend to print the forgiveness rating in the driver’s club or shaft to help golfers.


One of the most overlooked factors in buying golf drivers would have to be their length. Most of the time, you will find a golfer either swinging a club that is too long or too short for him to play properly. Either way, an incorrect club length will hinder your game play as it forces your body to adopt a position that prevents you from shifting your entire weight in each shot. When picking the right length, make sure that the club is roughly the same size to your arm. This way, you can be certain of swinging the club easily, leading to an accurate shot.

How to Improve Your Business’ Live Chat Service

Not all live chat service practices are applicable to all kinds of businesses. While the use of the chat service to improve customer practices, there are still chat sessions that would probably cause you your sales.

In order to ensure that you are employing the right tactics in your business’ live chat service, always keep in mind that you need to ensure that everyone handling the chat services is equipped with the right knowledge in two key areas: product knowledge and etiquette for chat. While it seems that having the appropriate skills to help customers know the features and benefits of your products is necessary, also keep in mind that any chat representative should know that customers are not likely to entertain a business that does not seem to understand their needs. These are the key concerns that your chat service should pay attention to.

Live Chat Service Should Represent Your Business

Your live chat service would always be the reminder to your customer that he is in the right website, and that the representative is indeed your employee. They need to feel that they are talking to the right person that is equipped to answer their inquiries. If your chat window does not appear like the rest of the website, it will be dismissed as an annoying popup. If your representative does seem to take too long to find the information that he needs within seconds, consider that potential customer lost.

Chat Representatives Should Understand Customer Behavior

live chat serviceThere is nothing more annoying than a chat window that appears even before a customer starts navigating in the website. At the same time, there is nothing more irritating than a customer service representative who does not seem to speak the same language as the customer. For that reason, it is not enough for a chat representative to know everything about your business. For what it’s worth, it would even be more beneficial for you if your representatives understand the customer more.

Customers only like to buy from salesmen that they like. That is why your representatives need to establish rapport first, before attempting to offer anything. Without the proper invitation from customers that they need help with their shopping, representatives are more likely to meet resistance if they offer help at the wrong time. If they fail to recognize that the customer has been asking the same questions before, they fail to be efficient and they might also drive the customer to your competitor’s site.

Displaying Product Knowledge is Not Being Robotic

One of the common mistakes of chat representatives is that they tend to paste canned responses too often, especially if they know that the customer is looking for information that is found in any online database. Some representatives also tend to paste comments and greetings, because they are following their chat flow. However, customers can detect representatives that are disinterested in them. Even if that is not the point, representatives may make the customers feel that they are talking to a robot, not a live chat representative.

To prevent that from happening, it would be helpful for chat representatives to learn how to naturally talk to customers, as they would do in real life. They need to identify points in the chat conversation wherein the customer requires empathy from the representative, instead of just a dictation of which URLs they need to go to.

At the same time, recognize that customers are more likely to offer you the conversion that you need when your customer service representatives offer the humanly comfort that they require from you. They are more likely to avail of the value-added products that you offer, which you require chat representatives to provide.

Buy Instagram Followers for SMO

Much like the real world, the world of social media can be harsh and unforgiving at times. People who own at least one social media account are acting on their basic instinct: to attract attention. The results vary: they gain admirers, they gain other people who at least share their opinions and preferences, they gain virtual enemies who are at odds with them on any type of topic, or they gain nothing. If you gain something positive, good. You are on the right track to stardom. If you gain something negative, you need to fix at least one thing that is wrong with you or your account – sometimes even both. If you gain nothing, you might have the worst luck in the world.

The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) has found its way into social media; and appropriately, it is called social media optimization, or SMO. As with SEO, the advantages of implementing SMO should be obvious: increased exposure to your page, increased brand awareness (especially if you own a business), and being the talk of the town, whatever site you may land on.

Instagram was just a simple photo-sharing app where people would just peek more at the photos more than the words. And ever since the app’s acquisition by Facebook and its release on Android, its popularity exploded, prompting crafty people to label it a social network and leveraging its potential powers for optimization. The logic when at Instagram: more followers, more exposure. Then a strategy is formulated: buy Instagram followers, implement SMO. It is a simple logical theory, but it can be quite an effort when it is actually done.

intagramAs with SEO, SMO comes in different flavors, good and bad. Good SEO/SMO is called white hat SEO/SMO; while bad SEO/SMO is called black hat SEO/SMO. The middle ground is called gray hat SEO/SMO. In the realm of social media, white hat practices of improving exposure include manually spreading the word about the photo not just on Instagram, but also on other social networks; as well as having famous websites and/or celebrities link to your photos. If you own multiple social media accounts, then good for you. You can cross-link things between your accounts to get the needed exposure. This is the standard practice for companies in recent years. On the other hand, black hat practices on social media include hashtag abuse and links to malware which are disguised as something else with the use of social engineering. This is the reason why Instagram nowadays implements a 30-hastag limit.

If you buy Instagram followers, you will be treading on the gray hat area. The practice itself is neither good nor bad – the SMO companies use it to either legitimately add the followers you need, or cause ruckus on Instagram by flooding it with spambots, compromised accounts, and pictures that look legitimate at first, but are actually something else.

So before you buy Instagram followers, you must first check the reputations of SMO companies you plan to use. Search for legitimate reviews on mainstream sites, and steer clear of bogus review sites that rig their opinions of illegitimate “buy Instagram followers” sites just to make easy money. Consult trusted SEO/SMO experts, as they will most likely have the final word on who to rely on and who to avoid.

Instagram and social media in general are just outlets for us humans to express and sell ourselves. We can have fun with social media, or we can do serious business with it. Humans have an innate desire of craving for attention, and social media just amplifies that desire. But make sure that this desire inside you does not take over.

Misting Fans : A Cheaper Way to Cool Down

What Are Misting Fans?

Also known as evaporative coolers or wet air coolers, misting fans work much like how sweat lowers body temperature – through water evaporation. This is very much different from air conditioning systems that use vapour compression and employs coolant or refrigerants like Freon. Misting fans, on the other hand, depend on what is called enthalpy of vaporization.

As water transitions from liquid into water vapour through the evaporation process, the dry air’s temperature can drop significantly. Although air conditioning systems can provide lower air temperatures than evaporative coolers, the latter has the advantage of using less energy. Misting fans also have fewer components to maintain to even lower the cost of ownership.

misting fansThe earliest form of evaporative coolers was invented thousands of years ago in Persia (now Iran). Hot air passes through wind shafts and then passed over subterranean water where it is cooled, and then distributed throughout the house or building. Modern evaporative coolers use a water reservoir and an electric fan that uses the same principle. These are based on a 1945 design where a pump is used to circulate water over excelsior pads. When the water evaporates, the air cools down. These coolers are more effective in places where air is dry because they depend on increasing the humidity in air to lower the temperature.

Auramist Misting Fans

Auramist is a company located in Nashville that specializes in the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of a wide variety of misting fans. The company’s mission is to provide comfort, safety, and enhanced productivity through the use of coolers in working and living environments. Using a patented and proprietary misting technology, the nozzles in the Auramist mist fans break down water into microscopic levels to product a very fine mist of water.


While most evaporative coolers use around a gallon of water per hour of usage, Auramist misting fans need only a pint. That translates to almost 80 percent less water consumption compared to other misting systems.

Auramist mist fans are also known for energy efficiency. The patented nozzle and misting technology uses about 20 PSI of pressure to produce very fine water droplets that almost feel dry to the touch. Energy and power usage is reduced while quality and performance remains. The misting fan products from Auramist are safe, serviceable, and sustainable.

Innovation and Variety

The research and development team of Auramist work hard and use the latest technologies and materials to come up with increasingly innovative products. The goal is to provide customers more comfort and an improved lifestyle without sacrificing the environment. Typical air conditioning systems use chemicals like CFCs and Freon to cool down air temperature. Mist fans use only air and water making them more nature friendly.

Auramist products are as varied as the requirement and situations for each cooling need. A wide range of misting fans is available according to the specifications of the customers. There is always an Auramist misting fan for every situation. A quick check on their site can provide a glimpse of what they offer. From indoor, to industrial, to golf car coolers, Auramist has got the customers covered.

Quality and Warranty

Using only the finest and strongest materials, confidence in Auramist products is enhanced with the limited warranty that covers their products against defects for 12 months.

Mist fans are the perfect companions during those hot, dry days and nights. And because they use much less energy than air conditioning systems, operational costs are kept to a minimum which means they can be used for longer hours in a day.

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